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welcome baby kai!

birth is a journey, a crazy, unpredictable, wild journey!  no one can tell you how long labor will be,  when it will begin, or what the path will look like.  my midwife, bj snell, has told me several times, “if i had a crystal ball and could tell when this baby will come, i would […]

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preview: baby kai

such connectedness, just 1 month after becoming a family of 3!  LOVE this family!  … more to come!

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welcome, sweet amryn grace!

isn’t that name stunning?!  so unique, yet familiar somehow!  one of my very best friends in the whole world, gave birth to her first baby 8 weeks ago today!  and i had the privilege of being there that night to support and pray and photograph : ) let me tell you some things about my friend […]

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eyes to truly see

  several months ago i had the blessing of participating in a wonderful workshop called soul shooting, put on by 4 lovely & incredibly gifted women – sarah robertson, molly flanagan, rosina waszaj, and kellie hatcher.  i have been inspired by all of their work, so i was thrilled to be able to spend an […]

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gavin scott, welcome!

this mamma & her amazing man have been two of my very best friends for the past 17 years!!!  suz and aron and i met in high school, 17 years ago and we have all come a long way!  from pimples and soccer games to kids and ministry!  we have seen each other through spiritual […]

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pete & krista (with baby boy)

this is the mini-story of pete & krista – they have been married for 4 years & have known each other for many more; they love the beach & each other; & they are on the brink, about to jump into birth & parenthood.  there is so much more to their story, so much more […]

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preview: pete & krista (with baby boy)

i can feel the beauty of this evening, this moment, this season.

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cutie cutie ruby!

and she really IS a cutie!  and you know what else is so cute???  the way that this new daddy looks at his wife, who just birthed their first child.  i can just feel his love and admiration for her!  can’t you?! i wish i could tell you more about the birth, but alas, i […]

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the davids

these two make me smile!!!  first of all, even though they had just moved a couple weeks before, they were open to doing a real life {before baby} session in their not-quite-unpacked, still-in-progress house!  and i am so glad that they did!  their place is AMAZING!!!  built when homes still had tons on character, their […]

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cary lewis is born!

some babies come quick.  and some come slow.  let’s just say, this little boy was in a hurry to be in his momma’s arms! i got a call right as i was getting ready for bed, that now was the time!  so i changed, grabbed my things, and put the pedal to the metal, racing […]

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