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the polstons

meet my friends, the polston family!  do they look familiar?!  i photographed them last year when their third child came into the world!   the polstons started out as amazing clients, and have since become dear friends that ask me about jason’s job situation and who have my whole family over for pizza dinner!  and let me […]

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willa plum, a new soul

chi-lin and i met almost 20 years ago!  she was my youth group leader at church when i was in jr. high  : )  we hadn’t seen each other in years, but we got reconnected 2 years ago through a parenting class we were both in.  chi-lin is one of those people that oozes beauty! […]

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welcome sweet baby jude!

i recently got the amazing gift of attending and photographing the birth of my little sister’s first baby!!!  my sister, angel, lives in colorado so i had plans to arrive there just a couple days before the due date. we all prayed and hoped that the baby boy, jude, wouldn’t come early. angel and i […]

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the crandall family

DITL SLideshow

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the sweggles

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backlit baby buns, hand squeezing, & the amazing shape of a contracting tummy

thanks jen for allowing me to share these images!   Born at home, at 40 weeks and 4 days, after 6 hours of labor, 8 lbs 10 oz, 3rd child   Midwife: BJ Snell, Beach Cities Midwifery First Assistant: Birgitte Damgaard From Jen’s Perspective

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mason is born!

“go team kliewer!” that is what jason (my hubby) and i say out loud to ourselves when there is a big task ahead of us.  it is sort of the way we pump ourselves up to face something a bit overwhelming!  take this past week for instance… when faced with a messy house, lack of sleep, over-tired […]

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guinevere is born!

baby guinevere was born peacefully at home into her daddy’s loving arms!  being a part that day, when she made her entrance into the world reminded me of the importance of community!  we can’t do birth alone and we definitely cannot do this life alone.  we need our peeps.  in life and in birth, we […]

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dj & andrea

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the goodman family

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