welcome baby rhys!

you pronounce his name “reese.”  isn’t that so cute?!  baby rhys melted my heart when he made his arrival the night of february 9th.  i just couldn’t get enough of his peel-y feet & hands and fuzzy skin rolls!!!  his mama, kelly, had a natural water birth in her beautiful home.

each birth i attend amazes me in different ways. with this one, i was struck by how the laboring mother is so focused and almost in another world, and yet one second after the baby is born, she returns back to her normal self, talking, joking, and laughing. it was crazy to think that when i arrived there were only 7 people in the house, yet when i left there were 8!!!  there is another person in this world!  and i got to see his grand appearance!  and this is my job!!!  i am grateful and blessed to have been there that night and to have had the honor of capturing a bit of the miracle that i witnessed.  see for yourself…
























if you want to see more, you can watch the whole slideshow below…

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