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preview: baby kai

such connectedness, just 1 month after becoming a family of 3!  LOVE this family!  … more to come!


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eyes to truly see


several months ago i had the blessing of participating in a wonderful workshop called soul shooting, put on by 4 lovely & incredibly gifted women – sarah robertson, molly flanagan, rosina waszaj, and kellie hatcher.  i have been inspired by all of their work, so i was thrilled to be able to spend an afternoon with them and others like me, learning and sharing together!  through this community of photographers, i am honing my creative voice and learning to create images that stir and touch the heart!  we have monthly assignments that stretch and challenge me as i grow.

for the month of september, i wanted to do a mini session that highlighted the joys of mothering.  to be totally honest, the eyes of my heart haven’t been working so well lately, especially when it comes to mothering.  all iam able to see, in my own life, is how i fall short, how i disappoint, and all that i am not able to do!  it is terrible!!!  my heart is so heavy and i am really, really struggling!!!  i am asking God to help me see more clearly, more truly!  i want eyes that are better able to see the beauty and joy amidst my brokeness and mess!  i need jesus to help me actually believe that it’s because of what HE did, that i am enough, i am ok!  i want to know deep down, that i can rest because he has me!  but how i struggle to understand those truths in the heat of the moment, when all i can see is dirt & flab & pee puddles & an empty fridge & all the ways i am FAILING!!!!  ahhh… God save me!

ok, me… deep breath!

so, for this assignment, i wanted to put on rose colored glasses.  you know how it’s always easier to see beauty outside yourself?  like all pregnant women are radiant and sexy, but when i get pregnant, all i feel is huge and puffy!  well, i knew that i wanted to get out of my home and practice seeing beauty in another momma’s home; and when i thought of what mamma i might photograph, my new friend lisa immediately came to mind!  lisa and i both live in the same town, and we both live in homes with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  i wanted to photograph her because i am so intrigued by the simple beauty she exudes as she goes about caring for and homeschooling her 4 (with one on the way) kiddos, in such a similar space as my own.

ok, so before you too begin to feel inferior (for that’s where i can go, all too quickly) let’s suspend judgement of ourselves and seek to see beauty in her home and family, for in doing so, i pray we might strengthen our own eyesight to see beauty that also exists in our homes.  i don’t want to glorify lisa as the perfect mother or make her into something she’s not.  i simply sought to capture a bit of the beauty that shines when one sacrifices self for another!

may you see these images in that light and too be inspired to see the beauty in your own home.



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preview: pete & krista (with baby boy)

i can feel the beauty of this evening, this moment, this season.

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the davids

these two make me smile!!!  first of all, even though they had just moved a couple weeks before, they were open to doing a real life {before baby} session in their not-quite-unpacked, still-in-progress house!  and i am so glad that they did!  their place is AMAZING!!!  built when homes still had tons on character, their counter tile and kitchen sink make me happy!  we spent the morning together while they had brunch and prepared more space in their home and heart for their baby.  beautiful people, beautiful home, beautiful family!!!  thanks david family for giving us a sneak peek into your life, 5 days before your little girl arrived!



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the polstons

meet my friends, the polston family!  do they look familiar?!  i photographed them last year when their third child came into the world!


the polstons started out as amazing clients, and have since become dear friends that ask me about jason’s job situation and who have my whole family over for pizza dinner!  and let me just say, i LOVE this family!


there is such so much laughter and fun in this home!  i came over several weeks ago now, to document a little taste of this season of their life, before their 4th child makes his/her arrival.  and i need to tell you, kelly is my hero for busting out a bikini for this session when she was 39+ weeks!!!  obviously she can totally rock it!  but i just love the confidence she has in her own beauty!


it was an honor to spend the afternoon with this family (and then get to eat kelly’s delicious food afterwards!) and capture a bit of their real, fun-filled life in this season before baby #4 arrives!



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willa plum, a new soul

chi-lin and i met almost 20 years ago!  she was my youth group leader at church when i was in jr. high  : )  we hadn’t seen each other in years, but we got reconnected 2 years ago through a parenting class we were both in.  chi-lin is one of those people that oozes beauty!  whether she’s mothering her girls, creating with her camera, or running her amazingly fabulous store, there is more beauty in the world because chi-lin is.


she allowed me to come photograph her little willa the other day!  (willa plum, isn’t that the cutest name ever?!)  little willa was just 6 days old when i photographed her and she was being treated for jaundice.  that is why she had that blue light on her.   as you can see, willa is dearly wanted and loved!


thanks chi-lin for allowing me to come capture a bit of the beauty in your family and home!  you sure make cute babies!



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the crandall family

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the sweggles


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the goodman family


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