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preview: pete & krista (with baby boy)

i can feel the beauty of this evening, this moment, this season.

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dan + jennie + ben + ?

meet the steele family!  dan and jennie, along with their little cutie, ben, are anticipating the arrival of their baby girl sometime the beginning of october.  last sunday we met at the back bay and took advantage of the california beauty there by capturing just a glimpse of the miracle of pregnancy.  it truly is one of those everyday miracles!  there is a little person inside that cute round belly – a person with emotions and a soul and tiny fingernails!  it’s just wild, if you really think about it!  

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brooke + ?

on sunday, i had the honor of taking some maternity pictures for my good friend brooke!  we knew each other from youth group back in high school, but we became true friends when we were in a couples bible study several years back.  she’s now pregnant with her 3rd.  we went to a beautiful park in laguna niguel and snapped these shots. her baby boy is due the beginning of april and i am so excited because she invited me to come and photograph her birth!  i can’t wait to meet little baby boy goodman!  thanks brooke for giving me the opportunity to capture a bit of your beauty, for the chocolate chip banana pancakes, and for the mommy encouragement!













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