cary lewis is born!

some babies come quick.  and some come slow.  let’s just say, this little boy was in a hurry to be in his momma’s arms!

i got a call right as i was getting ready for bed, that now was the time!  so i changed, grabbed my things, and put the pedal to the metal, racing down the road!  when i arrived at the polston’s home, i got out of my car and heard a woman gasp.  i figure that’s when cary made his grand entrance!

i could hear kelly pushing, because she was outside… in the jacuzzi in fact!  this little man was born in the jacuzzi!  yes!  you read that right!!!  (fitting though, if you saw this family’s real life {before baby} images : )

thankfully, the midwife, sue gill, lives closer and made it in time!  so… i do not have any laboring pics from this birth, but you can still see that this baby is FRESH!  and oh so cute!!!  i think he looks a lot like his (not so) big brother, when he was first born.  especially their crying face : )

being there at this birth (or at least a couple minutes after : ), reminds me how seamless birth can be!  and by “seamless” i mean, it can fit right into life; birth can happen without gaps or disconnections from your real life.  it is possible to put your kids to bed, go into the jacuzzi, push your baby out, walk back to your bed, breastfeed and cuddle, have a snack, invite grandma and grandpa over to meet the little bundle, then all fall asleep in your own beds!  now, don’t get me wrong, birthing a baby is the one of the hardest jobs imaginable!  kelly, and all other mammas, will vouch for that!   i am not saying it’s easy, i am just saying that it can be done in the context of your real life.  it can be… seamless!  and it is beautiful when it is!

polston fam, so thankful for you!  it was such an honor and pleasure to be there that night cary was born!  i feel so blessed to call you clients as well as friends!   and you make the cutest baby boys!  congrats on #4!!!

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Just think, that little baby is now 9 weeks old and 18 pounds!!! Thanks so much for being there, Lins! What a fun party!

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