cutie cutie ruby!

and she really IS a cutie!  and you know what else is so cute???  the way that this new daddy looks at his wife, who just birthed their first child.  i can just feel his love and admiration for her!  can’t you?!

i wish i could tell you more about the birth, but alas, i MISSED it!!!  yes, it’s true… another missed birth!  i arrived within 30 minutes of being called, but this little girlie wanted to be in her mamma’s arms pronto, so i got there minutes after she came.  the induction went faster than anyone could have possibly imagined!  even the doctor missed it!

when i did arrive, it was a joyous scene… hands held, hugs given, kisses received, with smiles and laughter filling the room!

thanks david fam, for allowing me to share these images, and for inviting me in to document and be a part of the night you became a family of 3!  i LOVED every moment of it!  congrats to you all!


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hospital birth, induced at 39 weeks & 2 days, labored 7 hrs from start of pitocin, 5 lbs 13 oz, 1st child

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Lindsey, your images are GORGEOUS!!! Perfect. I love so many of them. Especially the one of bub’s head being measured and dad asleep in the chair. 🙂 Your exposures amaze me too. So spot on! Beautiful editing also. I’m a BIG fan. 🙂

This is beautiful, Lindsey! Yes, I can feel the love & admiration the new daddy has for his wife! And I love where mommy is looking into her baby’s open eyes, and where daddy is admiring how wonderful his new baby is. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!

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