welcome baby silas!

several weeks ago, i had the privilege of photographing another birth!  i was introduced to deanna through our midwife, bj.  who knew we had so much in common: both biola grads, pregnant, and using the same midwife.  deanna and her husband brock have been married for 3 years.  get this, at the same time she found out she was pregnant, he was finding out that he would be deployed to afghanistan for 15 months.  when they both saw each other that evening, they had a lot to talk about.  wow, i cannot imagine that! obviously, brock was unable to make it to the birth in person, but he was able to be there remotely via skype!  that’s why the black macbook is in a lot of the photos!  it was amazing, actually!  deanna says that most of the time when they talk via skype, the call gets dropped every 5 minutes or so, but during the birth and afterwards (about 4 hours) the call only was lost a handful of times!  what a blessing it was that he could be a part of that special day that ethan silas made his way into the world.  deanna did an AMAZING job!!!  it was so inspiring to me to watch her confidence in her self and her support people (side note: emily, deanna’s neighbor, drove deanna to the birth center along with her first child who was 5 weeks old!  the little one slept through the whole birth!  and emily was such a strong calming presence – both to deanna and the rest of us in the room!  i was so glad that emily could be there to encourage and support deanna!)  below is a tasteful slideshow i put together for deanna and brock that they are allowing me to share with you 🙂

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since birth is also at the forefront of my mind everyday…i want to watch this video again! but its like i torture myself because i will for sure cry. lindsey, great shots. you really captured the event. momma, you are wonderful & your baby is beautiful.

Thanks for sharing Lindsey! I totally cried while watching and I’ve seen these pictures a million times. They are beautiful and we will treasure them forever!

Lins the pics you take are so good- I don’t even know these people and yet I’m interested in their story because of how you’ve captured them! This is my first time to your website- great job here you two- and of course, Shelby is ADORABLE 🙂

linds, you’ve done it again. well done! captured such a significant time in a mother’s life. i teared up the most at the shots of the dad looking on at his wife and son after the birth. i loved the wrinkled hand pics, such a sweet baby. oh, this encourages my heart and makes me early long to hold my sweet baby Kate in my arms very soon. xoxo

you are truly amazing!! You capture ever little detail and moment to tell the whole story and beauty of the births you attend! You give a gift like no other to these families and this one was so unique and yet you showed how the daddy was really there and how much joy the mom got from that connection. And just the whole birth! I am so impressed by your work, your eye, your HEART for capturing the moments that are true, deep and special to a family, esp a MOMMY’s, heart! AMAZING!

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