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dan + jennie + ben + ?

meet the steele family!  dan and jennie, along with their little cutie, ben, are anticipating the arrival of their baby girl sometime the beginning of october.  last sunday we met at the back bay and took advantage of the california beauty there by capturing just a glimpse of the miracle of pregnancy.  it truly is one of those everyday miracles!  there is a little person inside that cute round belly – a person with emotions and a soul and tiny fingernails!  it’s just wild, if you really think about it!  

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I love the warm lighting. I really like the picture of the 2 parents swinging their son inbetween them. Also like the shots close-up to the belly, especially against the palm tree. Love the one of her lying in the grass, with bright blue eyes! Great work Lindsey!! You are SO talented. Can’t wait for you to take some pics of us soon.

Love the pics! And I got to admit I started to chuckle when I saw the feet pic – of COURSE you have one of those included!! 🙂 Love it

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