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the back bay

on wednesday, shelby and i met up with sarah (nugent) sweggles for a walk and then lunch. we trekked in the wild flowers at the back bay and had fun watching shelby explore snails, the dirt, flowers, sticks, etc. and trying to keep up with her as she ran. she told us herself, “i have a lot of energy!” if we could just bottle that up and sell it, we’d never have to work again :). here are some pics (of shelbs of course) from our exploration…

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the yellow flowers are amazingly colorful! they add so much to the photos. and of course, it doesn’t hurt that her outfit compliments nature. what a sweet girl! glad you had a great time. wonderful pics as always. xoxo

love these pics, lins! Shelbs is growing up so fast and turning into an adorable little girl (what happened to baby shelbs?! time flies I guess). Can we get together soon??

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