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the polstons

meet my friends, the polston family!  do they look familiar?!  i photographed them last year when their third child came into the world!


the polstons started out as amazing clients, and have since become dear friends that ask me about jason’s job situation and who have my whole family over for pizza dinner!  and let me just say, i LOVE this family!


there is such so much laughter and fun in this home!  i came over several weeks ago now, to document a little taste of this season of their life, before their 4th child makes his/her arrival.  and i need to tell you, kelly is my hero for busting out a bikini for this session when she was 39+ weeks!!!  obviously she can totally rock it!  but i just love the confidence she has in her own beauty!


it was an honor to spend the afternoon with this family (and then get to eat kelly’s delicious food afterwards!) and capture a bit of their real, fun-filled life in this season before baby #4 arrives!


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