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willa plum, a new soul

chi-lin and i met almost 20 years ago!  she was my youth group leader at church when i was in jr. high  : )  we hadn’t seen each other in years, but we got reconnected 2 years ago through a parenting class we were both in.  chi-lin is one of those people that oozes beauty!  whether she’s mothering her girls, creating with her camera, or running her amazingly fabulous store, there is more beauty in the world because chi-lin is.


she allowed me to come photograph her little willa the other day!  (willa plum, isn’t that the cutest name ever?!)  little willa was just 6 days old when i photographed her and she was being treated for jaundice.  that is why she had that blue light on her.   as you can see, willa is dearly wanted and loved!


thanks chi-lin for allowing me to come capture a bit of the beauty in your family and home!  you sure make cute babies!


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Loved these, Lins. What a beautiful new little one!! Favorites were the diaper changing one because of the face, the sleep smiling one, and the last one with the melon. That last one caught me off guard in the most perfect way and made me laugh!

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