family newborn Real Life

preview: baby kai

such connectedness, just 1 month after becoming a family of 3!  LOVE this family!  … more to come!

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just for fun

my 365 day project

january 1st, of this year, i decided to take on the challenge of taking at least 1 photo per day for this entire year.  i’ve been posting the photos to facebook for some accountability and encouragement (i need both!).  in july i took all the photos to date and made a little 1.5 minute video compiling them.  beware, it goes fast!

birth Real Life

welcome baby cooper!

no matter how they get here, every baby’s birth is a miracle!  cooper john was born february 7th via c-section.  and i was given the honor of photographing him meeting his two big brother.  it is incredible to be invited in to be a part of such a special moment in this family’s life!  to see the older brothers show interest and give love in their own special ways to their little baby brother was precious!  this was just the first few moments of being a family of 5, and how beautiful they were!  hope you can see some of the magic in these photos!